Amyn’s maternal family has been in the jewelry business for the past four

His great-grandfather had an important natural pearl business in Paris as
far back as the late nineteenth century.

Amyn’s maternal grandfather
H.C.Javeri, was a pioneer who set up a diamond factory in India under the
aegis of Diamond Corporation of India which was the first modern
industrialized factory.

His Mother, a renowned diamond cutter who has
personally cut diamonds for Sir Harry Winston, a friend of the family.

Amyn pursued his love for jewelry and started designing jewelry in the
early 1980’s. He later went to Geneva where he studied jewelry casting for
over a year. He returned to India to manage a family run jewelry casting

He has a boutique in Santa Monica, California.
His boutique caters to a long list of celebrity and high profile clients who have acquired some of his one of a kind jewelry pieces.

He has styled many of them for the Red Carpets and adorn and cherish his pieces…

Kobe Bryant – NBA

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith – Music

Usher – Music

Lily Collins – Actress

Gugu Mbatha Raw – Actress

Angela Bassett – Actress

Arianna Huffington of Huffington Post

Paul Reiser – Actor

Harald and Veslemøy Zwart – Film Maker

Courtney Cox – Actress

Rosana Arquette – Actress

Ernie Hudson – Actor

Carla Ortiz – Bolivian Actress

Mark Hamil – Actor Luke Skywalker

and several more….
Amyn has designed and created these new lines of jewelry which are proudly and passionately 
Designed and Made in Los Angeles California